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Miss Darcy celebrated the New Year with the Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club. Most of the ladies were distracted by the thought of the New Year’s Hop starting January 11th. So of course Miss Darcy managed to win at whist once more. She is considering putting out her shingle as a cardshark although she would never consider fuzzing the cards (cheating).

Esther Rutherford was at the New Year’s celebration and she reminded us all of the scandal associated with her ancestor Paxton Rutherford. You may not remember the story but at the time the gossip mongers had a field day. And it all began so simply as you’ll see in this excerpt:

The Scandalous Ward by Karla Darcy

“Bloody ‘ell!”

The expletive burst from the boy’s lips and he grimaced, clapping his hands over his mouth as if to prevent any more colorful language from escaping.

Paxton Rutherford, Duke of Ruhaven, stared in fascination at the boy standing stiff-legged before his desk. Pax still found it hard to believe that the small disheveled figure was a member of the nobility. But according to the papers on his desk, the child, who looked like the veriest street urchin, was Sir Leslie Lathrup, son of his own father’s friend, Captain Sir Philip Lathrup. Dropping his gaze to his desk, Pax assured himself that the papers were still there, then looked up at the discomfited lad.

Lifting embarrassed blue eyes, the boy dropped his hands and straightened his shoulders. “Beg pardon, your lordship, but I was that surprised to hear of the death of your father. Are you the new duke then?”

Paxton Rutherford nodded, waiting as the boy digested this startling information.

“Please accept my sympathy on your loss, your Grace.” Leslie executed a deep bow to show his respect for the late Duke.

“Thank you, Leslie. There was no way that you could have known. It was quite sudden. A riding accident.”

The arrival of the youngster and his two servants had created a most entertaining break in what had been an extremely trying day. Leaning forward onto his elbows, he indicated that the boy should take a chair.

“If it’s all the same to you, sir, I’d prefer to stand. It seems like I’ve been sitting for weeks.” For emphasis the lad gingerly rubbed his backside.

Pax returned the rueful grin and once more took in the sartorial splendor of the boy. Khaki trousers of dubious ancestry had been cut down and resewn by an apparently blind tailor. A once-white silk shirt with flowing lace at the collar and cuffs drooped sadly beneath a hunting jacket, worn and patched from many years of hard usage. Despite the outlandish garments, the lad was good-looking with his intelligent blue eyes, wide mouth and thatch of unruly chestnut hair.

*   *   *   *   *   *

What an exciting story it is. How was Pax to know that this simple beginning would lead to a scandal that would rock society? Even Downton Abbey hasn’t seen the likes of this!

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