An American Regency! How Unique!

You’ve read The American Bride and loved it but just imagine what would happen if the romance took place in America, not England! It could never happen, you say?  Miss Darcy is here to tell you that it could!

The Divided Hearts, A Sweet Deception Regency Novel by Karla Darcy

This is the publishing day for THE DIVIDED HEARTS!!

Lady Judith Hallowell leaves the drawing rooms of London to visit her father in America. Used to the sophisticated entertainments in England will the society in this raw new country be to her taste?Before she sails to America she agrees to find out if her Godmother’s grandson is still loyal to England. Despite her father’s high praise of the man, she is stunned when Nathanael appears as a pompous dandy with powdered hair and peacock clothing. As she falls in love with a new country, she can’t understand how she can have feelings for someone so shallow and yearns to find someone like the mysterious Palatine who is considered a hero in the fledgling colonies on the brink of war? How could her heart be so divided?


Miss Darcy is planning to celebrate the new book this week with the special price of $2.99 for two days. Don’t miss your chance to get your copy HERE.

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