An American Regency? What a twist!

Miss Darcy is very excited that The American Bride has received such wonderful reviews. What an intriguing tale. Married by proxy! Will Caroline Leland be bedded by a total stranger when she arrives in England in this delightful romantic comedy? Can a feisty American heiress find love and happiness married to an English lord she has never seen?

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Cara disguises herself as a dowdy governess to observe her new husband. He’s arrogant and annoying but so very handsome and alluring. She’s courting danger and seduction with this disguise. To avoid discovery all she need do is remain quietly in the background. What an impossible task for this independent rebel!

Now just imagine if the situation were reversed! An English woman traveling to America in a time of danger and the rumblings of war. How would she react coming from the drawing rooms of London to this new raw country? Miss Darcy is very excited to tell you that a new book will be available in April.

The Divided Hearts, A Sweet Deception Regency Novel by Karla Darcy

The title is The Divided Hearts, a rousing tale of romance in America. A very unique kind of Regency. Miss Darcy just got the new cover from her publisher and she’s over the moon. In a few days I’ll be able to give you an excerpt of this delightful tale of love and intrigue.

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