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Quick! Is it immoral or bad karma to regift a prize? Tell Miss Darcy in the comments below for a chance to win!

Miss Darcy  is swamped with social engagements at this time of year, aren’t you? Over the weekend she had a rousing good time at the Sweet’s Racing Club Christmas Gala. She was over the moon (delighted) when she won a prize while playing whist. Everyone was all abuzz about The American Bride scandal and Miss Darcy was able to take full advantage of their foolish distraction.What a lark! You know what Miss Darcy should do with her winnings, don’t you?

“You’ve heard the whole story of the American Bride, I’m sure. Miss Darcy recorded it HERE. As most of you know who have followed Miss Darcy’s correspondence for several months there has been nothing but rumors and gossip surrounding the gentlemen of Sweet’s Racing Club.

Those ladies at the DSRC have so many secrets! The Scandalous and Virtuous Wards’ descendants astonished Miss Darcy, and the Marriage Wager was worse than the Masked Heart. Why, the only innocents were Gillian and Chad in the Christmas book Five Kisses!

The holidays always bring a feeling of good will and the joy of sharing so Miss Darcy would like to give the $20.00 Amazon gift card she won to one of her readers. Would you like to have it?

As a word of caution please don’t tell Alicia Weathersfield,  the iron-willed president of the DSRC, Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club, who is puffed up on her own conceit (prideful) and might not see this gesture as one of selfless generosity. Miss Darcy is somewhat worried about the propriety of regifting, a subject much in the news these days.

What say you? Should Miss Darcy keep her winnings to herself? Immoral or bad Karma? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. And to show her gratitude for your kind guidance, Miss Darcy has added extra bonus points to the raffle for each comment.

Miss Darcy can’t wait to celebrate the Holiday Blog Hop. Won’t you join in the festivities?

At this stop, Miss Darcy is giving away a $20.00 Amazon gift card!

It’s so easy to enter Miss Darcy’s drawing! As usual she is up to the mark on fairness so she’s devised a wonderful raffle run by Rafflecopter who will choose the winner of the $20.00 gift card. Come join the fun!

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Miss Karla Darcy

PS: There is much to be learned in the coming months as Miss Darcy sifts through the rumors and gossip. Surely you don’t want to be left in the dark!

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