Karla Darcy and 99 Authors 99 Cent Grand Giveaway!

ONE DAY ONLY! December 21

99 Authors! 99 Books! 99 Cents and $990.00 worth of prizes! Miss Darcy is so excited to be a part of this huge Giveaway. Devil take it! Christmas is exciting enough but now the opportunity to win big prizes is something that has all the Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club (DSRC) aflutter.

Here’s your opportunity to meet 99 authors from around the world being featured on Amazon. Each author will have one book for sale for $.99 for one day. What a wonderful way to do one stop Christmas shopping. Buy a book now and schedule it for Holiday delivery! And major contest prizes! $990.00 in prizes!

Karla Darcy, Downton Abbey, Regency Romance, Jane Austen, Pride & Prejuice, Five Kisses

These prices are available on Amazon only.

For a listing of books offered and to enter to win, click Scandalous

Miss Darcy is so excited that The American Bride is one of the featured books.

Virtuous“You’ve heard the whole story of the American Bride, I’m sure. Miss Darcy recorded it HERE. As most of you know who have followed Miss Darcy’s correspondence for several months there has been nothing but rumors and gossip surrounding the gentlemen of Sweet’s Racing Club.

Those ladies at the DSRC have so many secrets! The Marriage Wager and Masked Heart Wards’ descendants astonished Miss Darcy, and the Five Kisses was worse than the Masked Heart. Why, the only innocents were Gillian and Chad in the Christmas book Five Kisses.

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PS: There is much to be learned in the coming months as Miss Darcy sifts through the rumors and gossip. Surely you don’t want to be left in the dark!

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