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Miss Darcy was partying with the Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club at their Christmas Gala. It was great fun and she managed to win at whist. Although we’ve tried over the years to copy some of the traditions of  (a social club during Regency times where both sexes could mingle) we decided that tea and lemonade were not appropriate for the holiday party. Wine was chosen as the beverage of choice over the objections of Alicia Weathersfield, our illustrious president. Instead of thinly sliced bread and butter and pound cake we opted for a lively cheddar, crackers and HERE. Several of us suggested cherry tarts since they were the favorites of Devereaux Havenhurst in The Marriage Wager.


You will all remember the contretemps surrounding his marriage. He and several friends while deep in their cups (drunk) kidnapped an innocent young girl believeing she was an actress and Dev married her. On sober reflection he tried to get out of the marriage by challenging her to a wager. She must run his household by the same standards of society that he was used to. In order to win the wager Dev fired all the servants and left his wife Jena to hire a scurrilous looking crew of servants. In this excerpt Dev has just returned home for the first time since the wager was made and Jena has invited him to partake of asumptious tray of food:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Please help yourself, milord,” Jena said. “I believe Cook sent along some cucumber sandwiches as well as the sweets.”

“Dare I ask what idiosyncrasies Cook possesses?” Dev drawled. “A penchant for arsenic? Or is she content with the common rat poisons?”

“Truly, milord, she is nothing out of the way. She is a positive miracle worker with pastries and her fish course would make Prinny weak with envy. You will find no fault with her sauces and I promise you her pheasant presentation is something to behold. Of course, she is blind in one eye,” Jena said, her eyes twinkling as Dev’s hand hovered over the tray of food. “But before you ask how, I warn you the word ‘gouged’ might dampen your appetite.”

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

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Now Miss Darcy is aware you are anxious to learn about the Holiday Blog and her own giveaway prizes.

From today until Friday you will have a chance to meet 60 independent authors and win some fabulous prizes.

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