Karla Darcy Channels Jane Austen Style Regency Romance

Despite Miss Darcy’s attempt to expose the truth about Lord Farrington’s affair of the heart, the gossip is far off the mark. The ton (fashionable society) is all-a-gog at the ramshackle behavior in the London theatre. While it is true that Farrington threatened to draw Talbott Stoddard’s cork (punch him), he is far too civilized to carry out such a deed. Both combatants retired to Sweet’s Racing Club for a game of whist. Dear readers, Miss Darcy is aware that you want to know what really happened. Instead of listening to the scandalmongers, you should hear the true story contained in The Masked Heart that you can get for free Saturday, November 17th. You can download the kindle version at Amazon absolutely free by clicking HERE.

Pray forgive Miss Darcy if she gives you a hint of details to be disclosed. Miss Blaine Meriweather is a young woman of good family whose estate is in financial shambles. How will she care for her brother and sister? Out of options, she becomes the astonishing actress La Solitaire! Imagine the scandal if anyone discovers her identity! Blaine’s wild success saves her family. All should be well. The only thing she hadn’t counted on was Lord Farrington, who is determined to make La Solitaire his mistress! Blaine’s finest acting is required to save her virtue, her family, and their honor. It would have been so easy, if only Blaine hadn’t fallen in love….

Will Blaine save her family from disaster?

Your faithful Correspondent,

Karla Darcy

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