Karla Darcy’s Special Raffle for You

Miss Darcy has discovered a $20.00 Amazon gift card but she has no time to shop with all her other social engagements. She is so excited about the coming holiday season. It’s her favorite time of year. You’d have to be tottyheaded not to love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course you do have to deal with the relatives who tend to behave shabbily when they are in their cups. But what can one do?  Miss Darcy would love to give the gift card to someone who could put it to good use.  As usual she is up to the mark on fairness so she’s devised a wonderful raffle run by Rafflecopter who will choose the winner of the $20.00 gift card.  She wouldn’t want you to think that she’s poor spirited so as a special bonus she’s giving away fifty, yes you heard me correctly, fifty free copies of The Virtuous Ward to the first fifty who enter the contest.  Miss Darcy certainly wouldn’t want you to feel left out. Come join the fun! Enter the raffle below.


The LIKE button is under the title on the Amazon book page.

And the tags are toward the bottom of the page and look like this and don’t forget to click on the agree with these tags:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Miss Darcy can’t wait to find out who won the $20.00 gift card. She’ll post the winner as soon as she knows.

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