Miss Darcy is Appalled! The American Bride! Romance? Pshaw!

Miss Darcy quizzed one of the Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club (DSRC), Alicia Weathersfield, who revealed the titillating rumor about her ancestor, Lord Wilton. Miss Darcy was able to ferret out the fact that he had gotten himself into quite a coil (disturbance or fuss) through the machinations of his grandmother, the Duchess of Landglower.

A proxy marriage was arranged between Wilton and, of all people, an American girl. What a corkbrained (idiotic) proposition! What good can come of such a misalliance?

Downton Abbey devotees would tell you an American bride wed to an English lord does not lead to financial salvation! The book The American Bride tells a rousing tale of the bride’s escapades on her arrival in England. And what a doozy it is!

The American BrideDevil take it! Miss Darcy was scandalized by what she read. Excerpt from The American Bride:

“I wish I were dead.”

“Nonsense, Caroline. Where’s your backbone?” the Duchess of Landglower snapped.

“But I’ve never even seen this Lord Wilton. What if he’s repulsive?”

“Your marriage, my dear child, is unquestionably legal,” the Duchess announced. “It was conducted three months ago in my own household with duly authorized witnesses. I stood as proxy for you in this instance.”

“Couldn’t it be annulled?”

“Impossible!” Came the adamant reply.

“Oh, Grandmother, ” Cara moaned, “I wish that I had never left America.”

Arms resting on her knees, hands clasped in silent supplication, she leaned toward the Duchess.

“My marriage really can’t be legal, Grandmother,” Cara pleaded. “After all, I’ve never even set eyes on Lord Wilton.”

“Now, my child, there are certain facts that must be accepted.” The Duchess held up one elegant blue-veined hand curtailing the younger girl’s outburst. “First, the marriage is incontestably valid.”

Miss Darcy is appalled that this innocent young girl might be bedded by a total stranger but what options has Cara? In Downton Abbey, the American bride did save the estate. Not the same thing here, don’t you know?

Even Jane Austen would be hard pressed to wrap this story in plain linen (offer a positive spin.) Miss Darcy is well aware you can’t resist learning the rest of the story, can you?

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