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Every author needs help spreading the word. Reviews from readers are the best way to do it. If you love to read and enjoy telling others why you like/love a book, Miss Darcy has free books waiting for you!

Here’s the deal:

FIRST: Read and post a review of any of her books at Amazon. You’ll find a full list HERE.

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Miss Darcy is happy to keep supplying you with free reads as long as you keep posting reviews and enjoying Karla Darcy books! Hey, we book-addicts have to stick together, right? As a member of her Street Team you’ll also get the occasional sneak peak or exclusive offer from her–including chances for more free books, the opportunity to name a character in a future book, and other fun stuff including a free subscription to her announcement list where Miss Darcy gives first peeks to all her readers! Hope to see you as a member of Miss Darcy’s Street Team soon.
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