The American Bride! A Proxy Marriage? Miss Darcy Cries Fustian!

Miss Darcy has been trying to cut through the gossip concerning Lord Wilton’s proxy marriage to an American. Most would say, “What good can come of such a misalliance?” Learn the true story in The American Bride.

Fustian! Miss Darcy was quite startled when she read that the Duchess of Landglower herself had proposed a shocking scheme. Excerpt from The American Bride:


“Cara, your father had your best interests at heart. He could have married you to anyone but I think he chose well. Lord Wilton is young and very handsome. I’m sure he has many fine qualities.”

Sunk in her own despair Cara failed to note the uncertainty of the Duchess’ appraisal.

“Who knows? Given time you may grow to love him.”

“But, Grandmother, that’s just the point. I don’t have any time. We’re already married. He’ll never give me time to know him. We shall be introduced and then he’ll have the right to do with me whatever he wants.”

The American BrideThe older woman could not dismiss the note of distress in the girl’s voice nor the blushing agony in her face. She knew the girl was correct.

The things she had heard about Wilton left her in little doubt that he would immediately bed the beautiful girl. Even at her advanced age she chafed at her granddaughter’s predicament.

The Duchess left her chair and rummaged in the pigeonholes of an inlaid rosewood desk. Pulling out a letter she gave a sigh of satisfaction and returned to her chair. She squinted at the pages for several minutes and then smiled at the curious girl.

“Lady Trehune always keeps me abreast of the latest gossip. Can’t understand why anyone would tell her anything in confidence because before you could get out the door Netty would have told at least three people. At any rate she has her uses when you need to know anything about the ton.”

“She wrote you about Lord Wilton?”

“Indirectly,” the Duchess said, smiling at her granddaughter’s eagerness. “About three years ago Lord Wilton’s brother and his wife were killed in a carriage accident.

There were two children and they are wards of Wilton. They live at his country estate and, according to my addlepated friend Netty, they are in need of a governess.

Knowing of your proxy marriage she was delighted to inform me that their last governess left under some sort of a cloud.”

“You mean that I could go there as a governess? Oh, grandmother, what a lark!”

The girl laughed deeply, much to her grandmother’s approval. She was a fine healthy animal who seemed to appreciate a good joke. No missish girl, this one, nodded the Duchess.

“Do you think you could carry it off?” Liela inquired.

“I had a perfectly awful governess after Mother died. Madame Regenard was an absolute dragon.” She jumped to her feet and paced across the carpeting.

“Should I be French? I can speak it perfectly, even though my accent is a bit awkward,”

“No, child,” the Duchess drawled. “No one would ever take you for anything but an American.”


Miss Darcy is well aware that such a disguise could place this innocent girl in considerable danger. Not only her reputation but her very virtue would be at risk.

In Downton Abbey, the American bride did save the estate but when the heir died her money was tied to that very estate.

There’s more at stake here than financial disaster. Like in Pride and Prejudice, tittle-tattle abounds but the full account in The American Bride is so romantic.

You’re dying to learn the rest of the story, aren’t you? To Buy or Download a Sample of The American Bride Click HERE.

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