The American Bride! Scandal, Disguises and Romance!

Miss Darcy has discovered a treasure trove of documents from one of the Daughter’s of Sweet’s Racing Club (DSRC) setting her heart a flutter. As you know a traveling chest has been found. Although normally she would never cry rope (tattle) Miss Darcy went to a dreadful squeeze of the first consequence (large gathering of society)over the American holiday of Thanksgiving. There one of the guests, a descendent of the Landglowers,was foxed (drunk) and confirmed one of the rumors that was circulating about Julian Weatherfield, grandson of the Duchess of Landglower, having married an American. The rumor which Miss Darcy has been at great pains to confirm concerns a proxy marriage. Certainly a havey cavey (helter-skelter) affair.

The American Bride


The whole story is contained in a historical novel HERE. Married by proxy!  Will Caroline Leland be bedded by a total stranger when she arrives in England in this delightful romantic comedy?  Can this feisty American heiress find love and happiness married to an English lord she has never seen?  Cara disguises herself as a dowdy governess to observe her new husband.  He’s arrogant and annoying but so very handsome and alluring. She’s courting danger and seduction with this disguise. To avoid discovery all she need do is remain quietly in the background.  What an impossible task for this independent rebel!

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