The Masked Heart Revealed!

Miss Darcy is elated that so many of you ignored the gossipmongers and instead learned the truth contained in The Masked Heart. Your  enthusiasm after her latest disclosures sent the book climbing to lofty heights on the Amazon list of the top 100 Free books in Historical Fiction. It couldn’t have happened without tons of friends and supporters of the Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club.

Soon Miss Darcy will vouchsafe (grant in a gracious manner) other tales of romance and intrigue that have been revealed to her by members of the DSRC. A traveling chest has been discovered in the attics of Weathersfield Hall, one the homes originally owned by the legendary Duke and Duchess of Landglower.

 The Masked Heart

 Documents are being authenticated at this time and once that process has been completed Miss Darcy will be able to bring to light more of the history of the gentlemen members of Sweet’s.


As you are aware now, most of the gossip concerning the history of Lord Farrington and La Solitaire was a Banbury tale (a lie.) In case you missed the truth contained in The Masked Heart, you can download it HERE.

Your faithful Correspondent,

Karla Darcy

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