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Miss Darcy was reminded of several other unique Regency words by a fellow Regency Author, Ella Quinn.  It’s great fun to define some of these antiquated words.

When regaling you concerning the rumors surrounding the proxy marriage of Lord Wilton in The American Bride, Miss Darcy used some of these words in context. She’ll add them to the dictionary too.

Karla Darcy, Downton Abbey, Regency Romance, Jane Austen, Pride & Prejuice, Five KissesSo here are several words that you might not know but will help in understanding the Regency world.

Fuddled or in one’s altitudes – additional ways of indicating someone is drunk.

Shot the cat – Such a delicate way of saying emptying one’s stomach or vomiting.

Puffed up on his own conceit– Someone who is very proud of himself and thinks they are extremely important.

Plant a facer – A punch in the face.

Up to every rig and row in town – Someone who is rather cutting edge.

Some of the Daughters of Sweet’s Racing Club have also indicated that they would like to add some words to the growing list. And if you think of one, mention it in the comments below this post. Or if you’ve found a word and can’t figure out the meaning, let me know and I’ll see what I can find. What an adventure for all of us!

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