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Miss Darcy has been apprised by the DSRC that some of the readers of her correspondence are not totally up to snuff on the Regency language. She understands that time is a precious commodity so she thought it might be fun to define some of these antiquated words.

Some of the members of Sweet’s Racing Club have been known to use cant (Regency slang) when in a private room among friends. Never in front of the ladies.  But it would be an adventure for all of us to be reminded of even these meanings.

When regaling you concerning the rumors surrounding the proxy marriage of Lord Wilton, she may have used several unfamiliar words. It’s very similar to when Miss Darcy arrived in America, she felt as if she had to learn a new language.

Miss Darcy’s Dictionary

So here are several words that you might not know but will help in understanding the Regency world.

To disguise is to pretend to be something one is not. An impersonation. To create a different appearance in order to conceal one’s identity.

In Regency times to be disguised is to be drunk. To be foxed or castaway is similar.

Misalliance is a marriage of two people unsuited to each other either on a social, financial or national level.

Addlepated means to be mixed up or confused. Although it seems a modern word, it was first used in 1630.

Missish means prim or prudish. Acting like an innocent maiden. Ah! Miss Darcy remembers those days.

Fustian is high-flown or affected writing or speech; broadly :anything high-flown or affected in style. Used occasionally as an exclamation.

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PS: There is much to be learned in the coming months as Miss Darcy sifts through the rumors and gossip. Surely you don’t want to be left in the dark!

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