Welcome Members of the DSRC!

It’s so exciting to welcome new members of the Daughters of the Sweet’s Racing Club! It was only recently that Miss Darcy discovered that she was a descendent of Jonathan Sweet, the founder of the Racing Club.  Although it came as a shock to be related to such a prominant historical figure, it did not surprise her since she has always felt she’d been born to the mauve, if not to the purple. The DSRC has been inactive as a social club for many years but once Miss Darcy discovered her esteemed lineage it became incumbant on her to try to resurrect the group, as we say from the ashes of history. It has taken a great deal of time to locate members of the Daughters of the Sweet’s Racing Club but those contacted are quite excited about the resurgance of a piece of social history.  Miss Darcy has accepted the position of Historian and Hester Kampford has agreed to be the President of the DSRC.  As you probably recall Hester is the descendent of Lord Maxwell Kampford one of the early members of Sweet’s. He was somewhat infamous at the time, being involved in the near disasterous debut of his ward Amity. As you are aware that whole affair was chronicled in an updated version of the story in the newly published book The Virtuous Ward. Once you’ve read the story feel free to ask further questions of the club.

The Virtuous Ward

The Virtuous Ward by Bestselling Regency Author Karla Darcy

 (A Sweet Deception Regency)

This is book #5 in the Sweet Deception Regency series which brings you the adventures of the gentlemen of the ton who are members of Sweet’s Racing Club and the women they love.  Lord Maxwell Kampford has kept his ward in seclusion but now must sponsor her in society in order to marry her off. Unsophisticated and trusting, Amity is set up by Max’s jealous fiancée to fail. Max is confounded by the loyalties of the girl who seems to champion every orphaned and abused animal and turns his bachelor household upside down.  Will he discover love or let this charmer get away?

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 “Fans of Downton Abbey and Jane Austen (without zombies) will adore this book. Karla Darcy makes us remember why we lose sense and sensibility for a sexy Regency hero and captures the era with a glorious and colorful voice!”

Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times Bestselling Author

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