The Five Kisses
(Sweet Deception Regency #1)
Celebrate Christmas with this first book in the Sweet Deception Regency Series. Can the daughter of a professor with a very small estate interest the heir to an Earl in not just love but marriage?
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The Masked Heart
(Sweet Deception Regency #2)
The Masked Heart, Book #2 in the Sweet’s Racing Club series, is a charming romantic comedy of manners featuring historical England’s Regency era London theater and the danger of mistaken identity. If you love Jane Austen and Downton Abbey, you’ll love this humorous Regency romance, The Masked Heart!
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The Marriage Wager
(Sweet Deception Regency #3)
Lord Deveraux Havenhurst has been given an ultimatum by his grandfather. Marry and produce an heir or let the title slip to his pompous cousin. It takes a drunken evening with his friends to produce a foolproof scheme. He will marry an actress, get an heir and divorce her. Then he’ll have the freedom to live as he likes.
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The Scandalous Ward
(Sweet Deception Regency #4)
Paxton Rutherford, Duke of Ruhaven, takes on the guardianship of Sir Leslie Lathrup, a young boy whose father has died in India. For five years the Duke and his ward get on famously. Imagine his shock and horror when he discovers his young ward is really a girl.
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 Virtuous Ward - Bowker The Virtuous Ward
(Sweet Deception Regency #5)
Lord Maxwell Kampford has kept his ward in seclusion but now must sponsor her in society in order to marry her off. Unsophisticated and trusting, Amity is set up by Max’s jealous fiancée to fail.
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The American Bride
(Sweet Deception Regency #6)
Can a feisty American heiress find love and happiness married to an English lord she has never even seen?
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The Divided Hearts, A Sweet Deception Regency Novel by Karla Darcy The Divided Hearts
(Sweet Deception Regency #7)
Lady Judith Hallowell leaves the drawing rooms of London to visit her father in America. As she falls in love with a new country she can’t understand how she can have feelings for a pompous dandy with powdered hair and peacock clothing. Her heart really belongs to the mysterious Palatine who is considered a hero in the fledgling colonies on the brink of war.
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Karla Darcy, amazon bestselling author publishes a new Regency romance The Rebellious Heiress
(Sweet Deception Regency #8)
Marry her cousin Woodie? Bella would sooner run away. On her escape to London she finds the Earl of Wyndham attacked and left for dead. When Tristram regains consciousness, he can’t believe this wisp of a girl has saved him.
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